10 Day Winter Refresh

Wintertime is full of family gatherings, Holiday meals, and lots of cheer and excitement! It's a wonderful time of year, but it's not uncommon for our health to take a backseat to all the festive happenings.


So if you notice you are reaching for more sweets than usual to cope with stress, finding yourself low in energy by the early afternoon, or simply want a quick refresh, this 10-day program is right for you.


This online program was created by a Holistic Nutritionist in Ann Arbor and designed to be available to anyone interested in a little Winter Refresh. During this program, you will be guided through identifying sources of added sugar in your kitchen, the benefits of a 10-day sugar-free challenge, along with AMAZING recipes to best support you during the program. 

Here is what others have said about the challenge...

"The program was amazing. I lost weight and slept a little better. I had no cravings during the detox. The day after it ended I tried a cup of coffee with a little sweetener and cream (my old order). I couldn’t drink it. It was too sweet!"

"By the end of the challenge, I was able to decipher when I was eating because I was hungry vs. bored. It was nice to have some healthier and filling snacks in my back pocket for when I got bored-rather than eating an unhealthy option."

"(The challenge) made me more aware of where sugar “hides” in everyday foods!"

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