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As an online Holistic Nutritionist, it is important to have many convenient and accessible resources available for my clients. From at-home test kits to a reliable client portal to conduct sessions and review your lesson plan, as well as ordering professional-grade supplements, I aim to make the transition to a healthier holistic lifestyle, easier than ever. 

Katie Valley Wellness

Access Your Wellness Plan, Food and Mood Journal, Direct Messaging to me, as well as forms, assessments and notes.

Non Toxic Cleaning

Create your own non toxic products with each recipe box! Get high quality oils, at an affordable price. Use code: KVWFREE at checkout for a Bonus Box!

Holistic Nutritionist Ann Arbo

Shop my favorite products and resources for a non toxic, healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Apparel


Show off Your Healthy  Lifestyle with KV Wellness Apparel!

Functionl Medicine Testing

Order test kits right to your door, using your HSA/FSA funds. Hormones, Food Sensitivities, and much more. 

Holistic Nutrition School

Interested in becoming a Holistic Nutritionist? Here is the school I went to.

Holistic Nutrition Ann Arbor

I shop for all my pantry good and non toxic personal care item! Get 25% off your first order when you use this link!

Thorne Research Supplement

Access my online dispensary of professional grade supplements. Get 15% off as my client and set up auto-ship.

Healthy on the Go

Truvani makes it a priority to only source the best ingredients, and tests each of them to make sure they pass a high standard.

Functional Medicine Testing

Order lab panels to take to your local lab draw station; Functional Medicine Testing Kits are also available.

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