I had a great experience working with Katie. I had many food restrictions and complex needs, which she handled skillfully. With her help, I started setting (and meeting) goals for my nutrition and health and have benefitted greatly from her knowledge, experience, and kind, patient personality. - L.A.

With Katie’s help I’ve become more aware and mindful of my food choices. I’m also a little bit more active. My attitude toward “diet and exercise” has become more relaxed so that this journey is not so stressful. Small changes are good.-K.B

I thought I would be embarrassed to share my poor eating habits, but Katie made me feel comfortable. She was able to provide a realistic and achievable plan that was tailored 100% to me and my lifestyle. -B.W

 I know so much more about food now than I ever have and it has shown me that I never need to restrict "bad foods," as Katie always tells me "it's all about balance and not perfection!" I am a college student, so eating and body image were hard for me to grasp when I always felt so ashamed of my body. Katie has shown me, and I actually believe it, that I am beautiful and that being healthy has many different shapes and sizes.-S.A

I can feel that my body has already begun the healing process by what Katie has put in place for me. My bloating is minimal, my digestive system is improving. Though I know that I have a long way to go in my journey, I also know that I have a team member and coach in Katie- E.R.

In addition to client testimonials, we also get a look at improvements of symptoms, with both a nutrient deficiency assessment, and a Total Body Systems Assessment that is done at the start of working together, and again at the 3 or 6 month follow up.

Check out the real client results below: 

Nutrient Deficiency Assessment Results at the start of working with a client, and at the 3 month follow up

Total Body System Assessment Results at the start of working with a client, and at the 3 month follow up

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