One of the biggest concerns I hear from those with a history of dieting, is overeating during the holidays. So I wanted to create a Mini Series to help ease the stress for you. 


In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Simple strategies for navigating the holiday food scene, include setting yourself up for success with the right mindset
  • Mindful eating techniques that will reduce the distractions that lead to overeating
  • How to respond to food pushers, or diet talk
  • What to do if you overeat, anyway. 
  • With a bonus video on Emotional Eating in social isolation during a Pandemic.


This guide is packed with tips, techniques and mental strategies for navigating social food situations in balance so that you can fully enjoy without feeling out of control.


**Since this is a downloadable file, refunds are not available**

How to Survive The Holidays When You are Worried About Overeating