Intuitive Eating & Body Image Affirmations: The Key to Healing? Michigan Intuitive Eating Counselor

Updated: Aug 27

Intuitive Eating and Body Image Affirmations

Here's the thing...I LOVE affirmations. It is literally a practice that helps rewire your diet brain, to become more in line with self-compassion, self-care and healing your relationship with food and body image.


They effect the way we feel, and our feelings 100% influence our behavior.

When we are constantly criticizing ourselves or questioning our body's messages, it impacts how we feel and even how we take care of ourselves (aka behaviors)!

So, if you would like to change the way you take care of yourself, you need to have some awareness of how your current thoughts make you feel. Since our emotions are the results of sensation in our body, we must change the sensation which are created by our thoughts.

Therefore, to change the way you feel, you MUST change the thoughts you have.

Diet Culture has created some of our core beliefs around food and body. These critical thoughts are engrained in us...but guess what? These thoughts are not facts. They are opinions.

Your self critical thoughts are not even your own...

Let me just blow your mind here...

Your thoughts about food and body image may not even be yours but instead the result of past experiences, diet culture messages, or even comments from friends and family. So let me repeat: these are opinions, NOT FACTS.

The Good News...

It's possible to go in a and change the program. With a little self-coaching, you can go in and rewire those automatic negative thoughts to something more positive, productive and intentional. Those core beliefs constructed by diet culture and harmful messages can be dismantled.

But it takes practice to rewire your brain. Going from body hate to body love is never going to happen over night. That's is just not how our brain works!

One way I practice rewiring my brain and completely changing my mindset around food and body image is with affirmations.

Whether you are brand new to your Intuitive Eating and Body Image Journey, or you have been working on it for a while, affirmations can be a powerful tool in your tool box when it comes to working on mindset.

Intuitive Eating Coach in Ann Arbor | Affirmations
Sample of Affirmations you'll get!

I have recently compiled about 50 Intuitive Eating and Body Image affirmations that I put into a printable download.

What You Get

Instant access to 50 Intuitive Eating and Body Image Affirmations! This complimentary printable download also includes links to the digital images as well as an audio version!

Practicing affirmations can help rewire your diet brain in order to practice more self compassion and body acceptance no matter where you are on your Intuitive Eating and Body Image healing journey.

Four Ways to use these Affirmations

  1. Print the pages and cut out each affirmation card. Tape them where you will be reminded to practice them! My favorite spot- the bathroom mirror! I get a chance to practice while brushing my teeth or doing my hair.

  2. Step it up a notch and have these pages printed on cardstock. You can then cut them out for your own affirmation deck to pull from each morning!

  3. Is digital more your jam? You'll have access to all the digital images to use on social media! One request- tag me @katievalleywellness so I can see and share!

  4. Would you rather listen to these affirmations on your drive to work? You'll also get the link to listen to all the affirmations on audio!

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Katie Valley is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor whose goal is to dispel the myths of diet culture and reinforce a holistic, health-focused approach to wellness. After her own experience with disordered eating and poor body image, Katie found true healing by practicing Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance.

Now she has her own practice, Katie Valley Wellness, where she helps women who feel out of control around food learn to eat intuitively, pursue TRUE health, & feel confident in their own body.