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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Non Toxic Essential Oils

Last year alone, 8,759 cases of human trafficking were reported. This was a 13% increase in cases from 2016. Even more alarming, these reports represented more than 10,000 individual victims, 5,000 potential traffickers and 1,500 businesses that were involved in human trafficking in 2017. Most human trafficking falls into sex trafficking, labor trafficking or both. Learn more about the 2017 Human Trafficking Statistics, here.

"Human trafficking is the business of stealing freedom for profit. In some cases, traffickers trick, defraud or physically force victims into providing commercial sex. In others, victims are lied to, assaulted, threatened or manipulated into working under inhumane, illegal or otherwise unacceptable conditions. It is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 24.9 million people around the world."

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month


I wanted to take this opportunity to bring awareness to this serious topic and let you know an easy way to help in the fight to end it.

Non Toxic Home

When I set out to find an essential oils company that I wanted to use in my home for nontoxic cleaning and personal care products, I was looking for high quality, affordability and easy to use products. What I didn't expect to find, was a company that also gave back to a cause that I feel is so important.

Simply Earth is a women-owned business that not only makes their products easy to use and affordable, but they also give 13% of the profits to organizations that fight human trafficking. As soon as I learned that, I wanted to purchase the products. As soon I fell in love with the products, I wanted to share and support this company, and what it's doing to end Human Trafficking. Learn about their efforts here.

At Simply Earth, the essential oils are about 1/3 the cost of other companies. They provide excellent customer service, and you are able to purchase single oils, blends, and accessories such as diffusers. But what really sets them apart, is the monthly subscription recipe box service. Each box includes 4, 15ml essential oils, natural ingredients, and fun extras to create things like lip balms and scrubs, soaps, diffuser blends, plus other recipes to make your home more natural. Each month, each box is different! You can choose to skip a month or get a new box every month for just $39/month. Click here to purchase your box!

If you decide to try out the Monthly Subscription box service, use the promo code KVWFREE to receive a Big Bonus Box ($40 value), your Essential Oil Recipe Box for the month ($150 value), AND a $20 egift card towards future purchases!

The Big Bonus Box!

Non Toxic Home

My December Box

Non Toxic Living

I love using essential oils for non-toxic cleaning and personal care products. They are also great to diffuse, replacing potentially toxic candles in your home. Aromatherapy has been around for quite some time for holistic healing and to promote health and well being. Essential Oils and aromatherapy could be a great addition to your wellness journey!

That's in addition to knowing your purchase helps support an important cause.


As some of you may know, all things wellness is not my only passion. I also travel for a living. With my other career as a flight attendant, I have been trained to spot possible human trafficking situations in airline travel. I am so grateful for that training and take my responsibilities very seriously, which is why I sought out additional ways to support this cause in the first place.

You can read more on how airlines play a vital role in fighting human trafficking here.

What other ways can I help?

Purchasing essential oils through Simply Earth isn't the only way you can help join the fight. If you are a SkyMiles member through Delta Air Lines, you can donate your SkyMiles to trafficking victims to get them home safely, through Delta's SkyWish program. Learn more, here.

If you are suspicious of any Human Trafficking activity, please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888: Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking.

Text the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 233733



DIY Non Toxic Multi Purpose Spray

Click the photo above to get the recipe!


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