So, What is a Nutrition Coach anyway?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Wellness Coach...what do they do anyway?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a coach is one who instructs or trains; one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs team strategy.

Simply put, a Nutrition or Health Coach is someone who instructs others on the fundamentals of health and nutrition and works with them on strategy to reach their goals! We work primarily on behavior change and lifestyle adjustments for clients, which is the driving factor for preventing or reversing health conditions. As a Holistic Nutrition Coach, I use the mind, body, and spirit approach to fill in the gap between knowing and doing. It is a huge honor to be able to give my clients the tools and resources, and guide them through the process of reaching ultimate health and wellness. Services a Holistic Health or Nutrition Coach may provide include- but are not limited to- providing meal plans and resources, grocery store tours, revamping a client's pantry to reflect better options, running group programs or challenges, teaching mindfulness, working on altering stress perception, encouraging safe physical activity, improving quality of sleep, and promoting FUN! A Holistic Nutrition Coach doesn't just stop at what is on your plate; we look at the whole client.

Question: Have you ever gone to the doctors office, waiting almost an hour or more, to get just a few short minutes with your physician? They maybe have time to give you vague instructions on how you can improve your condition with certain lifestyle changes and hand over a new prescription, but then what? Your are sent out the door not quite sure where to start. That is where we step in! A Nutrition Coach is able to provide tools, resources, coaching and accountability to get your health back on track, or continue to encourage you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Health Coaches and Nutrition Coaches should not be a luxury. In fact, it is my hope that eventually, we become a part of a collaborative health care model with licensed providers to act as another layer of support. Not only that, but we are able to use preventative measures for health care so we don't need to use all our vital resources for sick care, due to lifestyle factors. One day, I hope Health and Nutrition coaches will be in every hospital, employed at every doctors office, or run their own practice, all covered by insurance. We are available for anyone wanting to have optimal health, not just those suffering from chronic health issues...that's called prevention. The amount of money that would be saved by focusing on the importance of prevention would be significant. The U.S. currently spends $2.7 trillion on health care- 86% of that goes to the treatment of chronic disease (NCCDPHP 2018). Not only would there be a healthcare cost savings by implementing more Health and Nutrition Coaches, but more importantly, a better quality of life for people.

I am so passionate about this because preventable chronic disease is at an all time high; modern medicine has allowed us to live longer than in the past, however our quality of life continues to suffer. And the really sad part? Chronic Disease and poor quality of life is not just reserved for the aging; more and more children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and complications like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, arthritis and sleep apnea. According to epidemiological studies, as many as 1 in 4 children in the U.S. suffer from a chronic health condition (Compas, Bruce E. et al, 2012). And the real kicker? Many of these conditions are a result of lifestyle.

Here is the good news! Health and Nutrition Coaches are becoming more available and more mainstream. Job growth in the industry is increasing due to insurance companies wanting to cut costs, and organizations taking advantage of wellness programs to increase productivity and attendance from their employees. Reputable programs are also becoming available to train Health and Nutrition Coaches, allowing there to be more of us in the industry! If you decide, working with a Health or Nutrition Coach is for you, be sure to look for coaches with education from an accredited program and be sure to choose someone that is a good fit for you! Remember, YOU are in charge of your health, and it's up to your Nutrition Coach to provide the guidance and support you need for lasting changes.

I cannot wait to be in your corner on your journey for optimal health and wellness! My personal approach is based on helping people reach their health goals by providing a holistic whole food and lifestyle approach in an easy way so the changes you make are sustainable!

I am so excited to embark on this career and look forward to working with you!

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In Love and Health,

Katie Valley


Holistic Nutritionist in Ann Arbor

I love working with women who are sick and tired of the dieting roller coaster. Learn sustainable health practices to reach your goals, and never diet again! If you are interested in working with me on creating a healthier, happier you-

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