A Mindful Eating Guide

In order to create a healthy relationship with food, it's important to practice awareness at mealtime through mindful eating.

But first, we need to reconnect with our body signals to determine when we are hungry and when we are full. 

Due to restrictive dieting or other outside sources determining when and what we eat, its easy to lose sight and lose trust in our own body to tell us.

In this free guide you will learn:

How to determine Physical Hunger vs. Psychological hunger

About the hunger scale and how it can help you recognize when to start and stop eating, according to your own body cues. 

Tips to best support your health and hormones so they communicate accurately with you. 

You'll also receive a printable Hunger Scale Diary to track eating experiences and your hunger level before and after a meal. 

Download Your Free Mindful Eating Guide Below

I used to be a Yo-Yo Dieter...

For years, I would jump from one diet to the next- with the laser-like focus of restricting my calories, weighing my food, beating myself up anytime I got "off track". The irony of that was, I got "off-track" often...typically on a weekly basis because what I was doing was unsustainable.


I got in the habit of cheat meals, which turned into cheat days, which turned into cheat weeks.


I religiously went to the gym for long workouts, which felt more like punishment for what I ate, than a healthy activity.

Instead of healthy sustainable weight loss, I: 

  • Damaged my metabolism (a.k.a. couldn't lose weight no matter how little calories I took in, or how many I burned.)

  • Experienced digestive issues and bloating after most meals, and created multiple food sensitivities.

  • Had low energy, despite regular and constant caffeine consumption (my adrenals were shot).

  • Felt stressed and sad, and isolated myself based on what the scale said every morning.

It wasn't until I decided to break free from restrictive dieting practices, that I learned about mindful eating, identified my emotional eating triggers and learned to support my health and hormones through the power of holistic nutrition. Only then was I finally able to end the cycle!

Now I work one-on-one with clients, guiding them to overcome similar challenges.


Through working together, you get one-on-one support unique to YOU and your lifestyle.

We address obstacles and challenges that stand in your way, such as emotional eating habits and proper planning.

We incorporate Mindful Eating techniques and how to incorporate them on a consistent basis.

We also talk about the physiological effects of food and nutrients in our body, and how simple structure can support your health and hormones for ultimate success.


Forget restrictive diets, pills and shakes, and try something different....a plan designed with YOU in mind!

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