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I'm Katie


After years of experiencing my own disordered eating and body image issues "in the name of health", I realized the healing needed to happen in my mind, before I could heal my body- enter, Intuitive Eating.


I know what it's like to have "failed" another diet. I also know the frustration of constant weight cycling and feeling out of control around food.


With my combined expertise in Holistic Nutrition, Intuitive Eating & Body Image Support, and my own lived experience, it was my goal to have a team to guide our clients on a journey of self-love and body respect- the ultimate path to nourishment.

At Katie Valley Wellness, we provide online Nutrition Counseling & Intuitive Eating Coaching to those looking to end the vicious cycle of unsustainable dieting and finally pursue TRUE health. 


Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Holistic Nutritionist, founder and Director of Katie Valley Wellness, LLC.

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At Katie Valley Wellness, we believe that you have the power to walk away from yo-yo dieting for good, learn to become an Intuitive Eater, and embrace Body Acceptance. We are a team of Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors and Non-Diet Nutritionists who support Health at Every Size®. 
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Lindsay Sarson is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist and joined the KVW team in 2022.

Lindsay’s passion for this work largely comes from her own food and body image struggles that started in childhood when Lindsay was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.


After spending much of her life obsessed with ‘health’ by way of diets, weight loss, and overexercise, Lindsay hit her dieting breaking point, and realized there had to be a different, more sustainable approach that could support her whole health (mind & body) – enter intuitive eating. In combining her training in holistic nutrition, intuitive eating, body image, and mindset coaching, Lindsay helps guide her clients in breaking free of diets and body obsession so that they can eat with ease and start thriving in their now skin.

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