Are you ready to improve your relationship with Food and Body?

1:1 Intuitive Eating Coaching is a 12-week program created to help those who feel out of control around food learn to eat intuitively, pursue TRUE health, & feel confident in their own body.

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1:1 Coaching is for anyone who:

Feels confused by all the dieting messages out there.

Has little to no trust in themselves around certain foods. 


Can't shake the the diet culture thoughts.


Maybe you have even read the book but still need some guidance

Online Intuitive Eating Coaching

What you get:

Seven 1:1 sessions with an Intuitive Eating Coach

Get coached through your current obstacles and roadblocks to freeing yourself from diet culture and achieving a peaceful relationship with food & body.

Ten Pre-recorded lessons

You will have access to weekly learning modules to help you along your Intuitive Eating journey and prepare you for your coaching sessions. 

Weekly Workbooks with Self Reflection Activities

These activities will help you gain insight on which areas you and your coach can focus on in session. 

8 Recorded Meditations 

Each meditation will help you reconnect to to internal wisdom. 

Katie Valley | Intuitive Eating Counseling in Michigan

You'll also have exclusive access to sessions, messaging your coach & more with your own client dashboard

Online Intuitive Eating Coaching
Month One
  • Explore your past and present relationship with food, body image concerns, diet history, exercise/movement, stress levels, sleep patterns, and more.

  • Discover your hunger and fullness cues and why honoring them is the first step to rebuilding body trust.

  • Learn how you can engage with "binge foods" and regain a balanced relationship with ALL foods. 

  • Process current food fears, and together we will come up with a plan to comfortably reintroduce formerly forbidden foods. 

Month Two
  • Acknowledge your inner "Food Police" and begin the steps to rewire your diet mentality thought patterns through self-coaching.

  • Learn to discern emotional hunger vs. physical hunger. Add the proven strategies to reduce emotional eating and improve coping mechanisms to your toolbox. 

  • You can't hate yourself to health. The first step towards body confidence is respect and the understanding that you are more than just your body. This month, you will continue to learn helpful steps towards body acceptance. 

  • Work through your current body image struggles and learn the exact steps to shift your mindset and embrace a healthier body image. 

Month Three
  • Learn the evidence-based model for pursuing health without dieting. Now that you know diets destroy physiologic and psychologic health, learn the practical way to achieve health instead. 

  • Exercise and dieting often go hand and hand. Rediscover the joy of movement and determine how physical activity can be a positive part of your life again. 

  • Learn the Non-diet approach to nutrition. It's possible to bring balanced nutrition back into your life without making it another diet. ​

  • Learn the secret to sustainable health behaviors. You'll be reminded that weight and wellness are not the same. This month will highlight what you can continue to focus on moving forward. 

In Just 3 months you'll be able to...

Discern Toxic Diet Culture Messages from TRUE Health Goals.

Break free from restriction and diet mentality and no longer be confused about how to pursue TRUE health.

Rebuild the trust in yourself you lost after years of diet culture messages.

Feel confident in your food choices and no longer feel "out of control."

Understand Emotional Eating vs. Physical Hunger and have the tools to react to both compassionately. 

End the comparison game and befriend your body with respect and compassion.

Engage with food to honor your health without obsession. 

Diverse Women in Bathing Suits | Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaching

Intuitive Eating Client

Through the program, I was able to get back to listening to my body and what it needs, eating mindfully and enjoying life again. I used to have so much stress and anxiety when I ate around people, which ended up causing me to overeat, but now I can truly enjoy socializing, eating without guilt, and trusting my body to tell me when I'm full. I also gained the skills to set small goals towards a healthier lifestyle, which helps to re-build self-integrity.

Intuitive Eating Client

After decades of dieting and negative self talk, I wanted to break these habits. I have weight cycled from going on and off diets for decades now and it was affecting my mental and physical health. To be at peace with my body, with food and with physical movement is life changing.

Intuitive Eating Client

This was an mazing journey and I felt I had all the resources to undo all of the diet culture ingrained in me and move towards healing my relationship with food, body, and movement. 

It's Easy to Get Started!

First, schedule a complimentary discovery call and fill out a short application from the link below.

This is the opportunity for us to get an idea of your struggles, concerns and ultimate goal with Intuitive Eating Coaching, and we can decide if it will be a great fit.

I get it- thinking about becoming an Intuitive Eater and letting go of the comfort zone of dieting can be scary.
But you have come to realize that your history of jumping from diet to diet in an attempt to get healthy or lose weight has only backfired.  You're finally ready to put your health first and overcome the eating and body image issues diet culture has burdened you with. 

We understand that making these changes on your own can be overwhelming, confusing, time-consuming, and intimidating, especially when there might be unresolved emotional eating and body image issues.
If you are serious about improving your relationship with food and your body and finally prioritizing your health, you can make one of two choices: 

1. Keep doing what you've been doing and see if things turn out differently this time,


2. Book a 20-minute call to learn more about the strategies we use (and teach our clients) that are effective in creating Food and Body Confidence with Intuitive Eating.