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1:1 Intuitive Eating Coaching

1:1 Intuitive Eating Coaching is a 12-week program created to help those who feel out of control around food learn to eat intuitively, pursue TRUE health, & feel confident in their own body.

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This is for anyone who:

Feels confused by all the dieting messages out there.

Has little to no trust in themselves around certain foods.

Can't shake the the diet culture thoughts.

Maybe you have even read the book but still need some guidance! 

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Over 12 Weeks you get...

  • Seven 1:1 sessions with a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

  • Weekly learning modules with workbooks & self-reflection activities to support your coaching sessions.

  • 8 Recorded Meditations to practice attunement. 

  • Messaging and email support.

Working with Katie has truly changed my life. She has taught me so much about nutrition, maintaining balance, body image, and most of all just how strong of a woman I am. I went to Katie looking to understand how food even works and how I could love myself once again, and she has definitely improved both of those things for me!

Sidney, MI


You'll also have exclusive access to sessions, messaging your coach & more with your own client dashboard

Online Intuitive Eating Coaching

In Just 3 months you'll be able to...

Discern Toxic Diet Culture Messages from TRUE Health Goals.

Break free from restriction and diet mentality and no longer be confused about how to pursue TRUE health.

Rebuild the trust in yourself you lost after years of diet culture messages.

Feel confident in your food choices and no longer feel "out of control."

Understand Emotional Eating vs. Physical Hunger and have the tools to react to both compassionately. 

End the comparison game and befriend your body with respect and compassion.

Engage with food to honor your health without obsession. 

Diverse Women in Bathing Suits | Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaching

It's Easy to Get Started!

First, schedule a complimentary discovery call and fill out a short application from the link below.

This is the opportunity for us to get an idea of your struggles, concerns and ultimate goal with Intuitive Eating Coaching, and we can decide if it will be a great fit.

I get it- thinking about becoming an Intuitive Eater and letting go of the comfort zone of dieting can be scary.
But you have come to realize that your history of jumping from diet to diet in an attempt to get healthy or lose weight has only backfired.  You're finally ready to put your health first and overcome the eating and body image issues diet culture has burdened you with. 

We understand that making these changes on your own can be overwhelming, confusing, time-consuming, and intimidating, especially when there might be unresolved emotional eating and body image issues.
If you are serious about improving your relationship with food and your body and finally prioritizing your health, you can make one of two choices: 

1. Keep doing what you've been doing and see if things turn out differently this time,


2. Book a 20-minute call to learn more about the strategies we use (and teach our clients) that are effective in creating Food and Body Confidence with Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating

Learn to eat intuitively and find a sustainable way to care for your body. Health isn’t about restriction or reaching a number on the scale. Instead, it's about the balance between your mental, emotional, and physical health. With a non-diet approach to nutrition, mindfulness, and self-care, you'll become the expert of your own body. 

Ditch Diet Culture

Diet culture is a belief system that focuses on and values weight, shape, and size over well-being. Variations of diet culture also include rigid eating patterns that on the surface are in the name of health, but in reality, are about weight shape, or size. This in turn destroys our confidence and intuitive relationship with food. Learning to separate weight from worth, discovering self-care, and improving body image will allow you to truly live a healthier life.

Cultivate Self-Love

Too often, we prioritize changing our bodies and attempt to 'hate ourselves to health'. Instead, learn to listen to—and follow—your body’s wisdom. Self-love and being at peace with food and your body IS possible. Acquire tools and resources to help you eat, exercise, and live intuitively.


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