For people experiencing eating and body image issues, physical distancing presents additional challenges.

You are not alone.

This 8-week group program, based on the Be Body Positive Model, will teach you five powerful Competencies to help you develop resources and a renewed energy to take care of your body:


The 5 Competencies include:

  1. Reclaim Health: Uncover the messages that have influenced your relationships with your body, food, and exercise. Learn ways to embrace a weight-neutral, health-centered approach to self-care.

  2. Practice Intuitive Self-Care: Learn to listen to—and follow—your body’s wisdom. Acquire tools and resources to help you eat, exercise, and live intuitively.

  3. Cultivate Self-Love: Develop a practice of self-love. Employ compassion, forgiveness, and humor as you leave behind the need for self-criticism.

  4. Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty: Experience beauty as a creative, dynamic process. Inhabit your unique body with joy and confidence.

  5. Build Community: Connect to others through a shared positive approach to beauty, health, and identity. Role model love and respect for your own body.


These core Competencies are fundamental skills we practice on a daily basis to live peacefully and healthfully in our bodies. When we become proficient—competent—at using these skills, we are able to care for ourselves in body, mind, and spirit from a place of self-love and appreciation.


Each week we’ll come back together to share our triumphs and our struggles.

The Details:


This group will be hosted by Licensed Body Positive Facilitator Katie Valley, Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner


When: Thursdays at 7 pm EST for 8 weeks, beginning October 1, 2020



Where: Zoom

*Space is limited to the first 10 who Register. For questions about the program, please email

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