Pouring Honey

Food and Body Confidence 

with Intuitive Eating 


Does it ever feel like thoughts about food, your body and dieting have taken over your life?

Are you trying a new diet or "starting over" what seems like every Monday?


Do you experience shame for last nights binge after being "good" all week?" 


Do you find it SUPER confusing to keep up with all the new diet trend messages, and just want to know how to eat for your own body?


Are you frustrated with the constant fluctuation of your weight from

yo-yo dieting? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place...


Just imagine enjoying your favorite foods without feeling out of control. Or knowing what, when and how to eat for your own body...AND you could still be healthy and feel amazing in your body.


I'm here to tell you, it’s possible.


As a certified Holistic Nutritionist & Intuitive Eating Counselor in Ann Arbor, Katie Valley offers wellness coaching to those looking to live a healthier lifestyle, without the vicious cycle of unsustainable dieting. Together, we get to the root cause of your food behavior, and how it is impacting your health. The result? 

+Take the guesswork out of how to fuel your body

+Improve your relationship with food

+Practice sustainable self-care practices for better health

+End yo-yo dieting and weight cycling

+More time, money and effort in areas of your life that is most fulfilling; instead of being preoccupied with another diet, counting calories, or tracking steps. 

After years experiencing my own disordered eating and body image issues "in the name of health" I realized the healing needed to happen in my mind, before I could heal my body.


I know what it's like to have "failed" another diet. I also know the frustration of constant weight cycling and feeling out of control around food. That's why I combine my expertise in Holistic Nutrition, Intuitive Eating & Body Image Support, with my own lived experience, and guide my clients on a journey of self-love and body respect- the ultimate path to nourishment.

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